ClearVR: High Fidelity VR over Today’s Networks

ClearVR is the world’s highest fidelity VR360 and panoramic streaming solution. ClearVR removes the virtual from VR, delivering an experience that approximates reality. Learn more about our ClearVR use cases, products and the latest ClearVR news.

Use Cases

Below are three examples of key customer applications of our technology.

Tiledmedia Products

The overview of our products can be found on the ClearVR overview page.


ClearVR Wins Advanced Imaging Society’s 2018 Technology Award

Our groundbreaking ClearVR streaming technology is now also officially “Award-Winning”. The Advanced Imaging Society honored Tiledmedia with one of its 2018 Technology Awards for outstanding technical achievement in Entertainment Arts and Technologies.  And with Microsoft, Lytro  and Dolby among the winners, we are in very good company. Quoting from AIS’s website: “The Society’s globally recognized …


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