Author: Rob Koenen

A recent LinkedIn post

Just a quick link – The strongest impact of a Tiled VR demo is on those that have actually tried to stream VR themselves, and know how hard it is to do well. Here’s a response to our demo at BT Innovation 2017: (The other system referenced in the post is an edge transcoding system from Huawei)

Demos at 2017 French Open Tennis…

The French Open (“Roland Garros”) is a major tennis event, but also an opportunity for new technologies to shine. Many new Ultra HD technologies were demonstrated there before introduction to the market, and this year, France Télévisions is showing a number of VR demonstrations. Bernard Fontaine, Directeur Innovation Technologiques, Direction du Numérique de France Télévisions, wrote a blog entitled “Roland-Garros,…

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Streaming 8k VR From a Commercial CDN at NAB: It Worked Flawlessly!

Together with partners Viaccess-Orca, Harmonic and Digital Immersion, we showed our low latency tiled VR streaming technology with ambisonic audio and great Blue Man Group content at NAB2017. We used a simulated CDN at first, but later switched over to streaming straight off Akamai’s CDN. Streaming of 8k VR content over a commercial CDN to a consumer device (the Samsung Gear…

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Blue Man Group Visits Tiledmedia Demo

At a very successful NAB Show, we showed 8k VR content streaming off Akamai’s CDN at 14 Mbit/s. Everyone liked the demo, but especially those that are in the business of distributing VR content were highly impressed. “This is awesome” and “I’m blown away with your quality – I need a demo in my lab!” were just two quotes from…

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Meet us NAB

Tiledmedia will showcase its technology at NAB2017 in Las Vegas, from 24 through 27 April. We’ll show our technology at the Harmonic booth, South Hall, Upper Level, Booth 1210. Send an email to hi at tiledmedia dot com if you are interested in a demonstration! We’ll also have a joint paper “Streaming UHD-Quality VR at Realistic Bitrates: Mission Impossible?” with…

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Moved to a new office

On March 24, we moved into our new office in the historic “Industriegebouw” in Rotterdam. Our move signals the start of a new phase for tiledmedia. Our focus for April is going to be on preparing for NAB, and on getting the many parties that want to evaluate our technology up and running. .

NAB Paper Accepted!

Our joint Harmonic-tiledmedia paper ”UHD-Quality VR at Realistic Bitrates: Mission Impossible?“, has been accepted for the 2017 NAB Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC). We will present it in the is NextGen TV Session, on 24 April exactly at noon, in room N260. We will also show our tiled streaming technology at NAB – contact us if you are interested!

VR Industry Forum Established

Yesterday, the first and inaugural meeting of the VR Industry Forum took place at CES in Las Vegas. The newly established Forum collects industry leaders in VR360, including Sky, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Movielabs, TNO, and tiledmedia’s VR streaming partners Harmonic and Viaccess-Orca. The purpose of the Forum is to make VR an attractive, high quality experience for consumers. Acting on…

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