About us

The ambition

Tiledmedia is a global frontrunner in flexible and affordable, low-latency delivery of extremely high-resolution video content to consumer devices. Through our advanced software products, distributors of high resolution content – e.g. 360-degree Virtual Reality video or 180-degrees panoramic video – can reach the maximum number of viewers with the highest available quality. Our product portfolio enables advanced streaming features like directional streaming and zooming without resolution loss.

The team


Frits Klok - CEO

Experienced operational and change manager with 25 years of background in the media and networking industry. Founder of a start-up in the satellite space and designer of a highly successful commercial service in the same industry. Sold numerous large technical innovation projects in the telecom and media markets and is inventor of 5 patents. Knows Rob since the early 90's and worked with Ray and Arjen for 5+ years at TNO in several roles, the latest being department manager of the group that invented tiled streaming.


Ray van Brandenburg - CTO

Creative mind with a broad technical background. Developed world’s first Tiled Streaming solution back in 2010. Created Cameraad/NULive, the managed live streaming platform used by the Netherlands largest news platform. Active in standardization of media technology, with several IETF RFCs on CDN technology, adaptive streaming and media synchronization on his name. Holds over 30 patents in media networking technology.

Business Development

Rob Koenen - CBO

Media Research Manager with 25+ years of experience and many national and international leadership positions. Huge network in the media industry. One of the Founders and President of VR Industry Forum. Guided market adoption of MPEG/ITU AVC as Founder and President of MPEG Industry Forum. Co-leads MPEG’s VR activities. Holds a number of patents in coding and media technologies. Has worked in media innovation with Frits since 1991, and with Ray and Arjen for many years. Part-time affiliation with TNO as Principal working in Media Networking. (TNO houses The Netherlands' largest ICT R&D group, and is the original source of Tiledmedia's tiled streaming technology.)


Arjen Veenhuizen - COO

Arjen has been an expert on ultra low and ultra high bandwidth video encoding and distribution for over five years. Member of the core team that developed TNO’s Tiled Streaming technology, and a skilled expert in heterogeneous media synchronization. He was the architect and main developer of the “NUlive” live streaming platform, which he created together with Ray. Arjen loves interaction with customers.


Randolf Nijsse - CIO

Tiledmedia's Chief Investment Officer is a deal maker and investment expert with a telecommunications background. Randolf has over 15 years experience in the mobile, fixed and satellite communication industries. He is active in the fields of corporate development, corporate strategy, M&A, financial advisory, and equity & debt financing.